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33rd Anniversary

33rd Anniversary

Since the 1st establishment by Shigemi Kawahara on 16 October 1985, Ippudo already have a noble mission, coherent with the meaning of IPPUDO itself, which is translate to “the wind entering the room, to waste the negative aura, and to bring back the positive aura”, IPPUDO has been focusing on creating a new ramen culture in Japan. Starting with ramen, IPPUDO plans to introduce Japan's beloved gastronomic culture to the world – where people can enjoy, understand and appreciate the Japanese food and culture. Continuing to thrill to the world through Japanese cuisine, IPPUDO seeks to bring smiles for the generations to come. IPPUDO still needs to prove itself for many more years before it can claim to be a long-established shop.
IPPUDO has always believed that taste is not only experienced with the tongue. The wooden signs and hand-dyed fabric dividers reminiscent of Kyoto’s long-established stores. IPPUDO aims to have staff who are able to “notice attentively, think attentively and act attentively”. The excitement of Ippudo 33rd Anniversary are still not over yet, we are constantly grow improve to achieve the best quality of the food, services, and hospitality. We always listen to our customer. Your review, comment, and also support, are one of the most important value for us.
To convey our gratitude to our beloved customer on this festive celebration, on 16 October 2018, we create special 1 day only promotion “Buy One Get One Ramen” which are available at Ippudo Grand Indonesia, Ippudo Central Park, and Ippudo Pacific Place and also at the same time, we open a newest branch, at Lippo Mall Puri at LG Floor, Takeshita Street. And for this brand-new store, we are offering Free ramen for the first 200 customers.
Lastly, “Arigatogozaimasu” for all your love and support for IPPUDO, may years to come will fill with even greater joy and success. Stay tune with more excited promotion from IPPUDO, you may also win a change to VISIT JAPAN for FREE, visit: http://www.ippudo.co.id/News/Win-A-Trip-To-Japan.html for more info.

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33rd Anniversary33rd Anniversary