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Now Open Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri

Now Open Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri

Hello IPPUDO Lovers, we have a good news for you.
Ippudo Indonesia has open a new branch in West Jakarta, specifically in Lippo Mall Puri, LG Floor Takeshita Street, which will be the fourth shop in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, on 16th October 2018 (Tuesday).
"Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri Store" opened in the area where many Japanese restaurants, "Takeshita Street" on the LG floor of the compound commercial facility named "the Mall" are housed.
The interior directs a bright, lively and vibrant bustling atmosphere. The Japanese motifs are scattered everywhere and finished in a design that also combines Japanese style in modernity.
At the opening ceremony on 16th October, promotion was also offered, such as offering limited ramen for the first 200 people.
In addition, a founding festival commemorating the 33th Anniversary of Ippudo was held, and a large number of visitors came to our store from the first day and it was the beginning of a great success.
Ippudo gives 200 bowl free ramen to the first visitor who comes and want to eat in Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri.
The terms and condition is so simple and very easy, just to follow Ippudo Indonesia official Instagram or Facebook, @ippudoindonesia. After that they can have free ramen, Shiromaru Motoaji / Hojun Shoyu Ramen (if they don’t eat pork). We will also prepare. In addition, you can enjoy a range of drink menus with a rich line-up, from appetizers to main dishes, desserts in a dining style.
The visitor feels so excited with this Grand Opening, so we also thankful for all of the customers, crew, and our workers that made this event goes well and running smoothly.
The testimony from our social media and Zomato is also good, the customers are very satisfied with this Grand Opening and all the dishes that served on 16 October 2018.
You can read all the testimony via Zomato, https://www.zomato.com/id/jakarta/ippudo-puri-indah, and also you can give more review, comment, and testimony about Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri.
We hope that you can enjoy Ippudo’s menu at Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri, so you can bring your friends, family, or relatives and also recommend to them that Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri is the right place to enjoy the best cuisine and the excitement of eating ramen and other menu that have a great and authentic taste, originally from Japan.

Store information:
【Opening date Grand Opening】 16 October 2018
【Store name】 IPPUDO INDONESIA Lippo Mall Puri store
【Address】 Lippo Mall Puri Indah LG - 157 - Puri Indah CBD, Jl. Puri Indah Raya Blok U1 , Jakarta Barat
【Hours】 10: 00 - 22: 00 (last order 21: 30)
【Seats】 67 seats
【Web Site】ippudo.co.id
【Facebook】https://www.facebook.com / ippudoindonesia

News Now Open Ippudo Lippo Mall Puri

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