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Seasonal Ramen: Tokushima!

Seasonal Ramen: Tokushima!

As Ippudo keep on refreshed Ramen Menu, we roll out Tokushima Ramen this Monday, April 15th! Look carefully as we’ve updated our store menu. While favorites such as our Shiro, Akamaru and Karaka remain, were excited to introduce this new item.

This ramen is one of Japanese local ramen which is from Tokushima prefecture. It features pork broth and shoyu soup base with chewy medium thick noodles, stewed pork bellies, spring onions, crunchy bamboo shoots and poached egg. Enjoy the flavor of traditional Tokushima ramen made by Ippudo!

As the seasons change, so will our menu. Stop on by and let us know is this new items are your new favorites!

Ippudo Indonesia located at Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia, Central Park and Lippo Mall Puri. You can reach the restaurant by phone or checkout our Instagram for new updates!
News Seasonal Ramen: Tokushima!