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To constantly change so as to never change. A phrase packed with feelings.


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Founder of CHIKARANOMOTO (lit. “The Source of Power”) GROUP Chairman and CEO of CHIKARANOMOTO GROUP Founder of IPPUDO

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1952.
After opening “HAKATA IPPUDO” in ’85, Shigemi Kawahara established CHIKARANOMOTO (lit. “The Source of Power”) GROUP in ’86. It was through Shigemi Kawahara opening a ramen shop in the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum in ’94 that tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen gained popularity throughout all of Japan. Then, starting with IPPUDO’s foray into the New York gastronomic scene in 2008, IPPUDO has since been acting as a global leader to convey the appeal of both ramen and Japanese food throughout the world. In addition, winner of the 10th Anniversary Restaurant Award in 2014 for IPPUDO’s achievements in expanding the restaurant industry and contributions in developing a restaurant culture. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in ’97 as a three-time winner of the popular TV TOKYO program, “TV Champion – Ramen Master Chef Championships” and recognized with awards from numerous contests featuring “original ramen creations”. Author of books including Ippudo gorin no sho (“IPPUDO – The Book of Five Rings” (Chichi Publishing)) and Anata no mise o tsubusanai hosoku (“The Principles Behind Not Bankrupting Your Shop” (PHP Institute)), Nanatsu no shuukan to ippudo (The Seven Habits and IPPUDO).